Country Properties

Country House in Spain

Dreaming of your own little country side paradise?
Want to grow your own vegetables, fruits …?
Or have animals in the garden … a few dogs, cats, chickens … or maybe horses or piggies?

Whatever you dream about  we will be able to help you. Some properties are located very distantly from normal services such as water and electricity. So you might need an off-grid or off-the-grid (OTG) system. That  is a mini-grid or stand-alone system, in other words not connected to a public utility service and traditionally refers to electricity but also to water, sewer and gas.

Off-grid systems allow you to live in a self-sufficient manner without having to rely on public utility services.

Off-grid systems bring you autonomy for electricity, water, sewer and gas.

If you have bad reception on your property and low or in worst case no reception of 3G/4G internet our Internetpack will solve your problems.

Sun Water Heater

Autonomous solar equipment for the production of hot water -LPS-.Includes: high performance selective solar collector, ideal for moderate and sustainable consumption. Reduced maintenance costs. More than 50% of LPS needs can be covered by solar thermal energy.

We have a selection of country properties just right for you.

Call us today and we will find that little paradise together.

OFF grid systems at Listico

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